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of patients that began in nineteen seventy nine the campaign has two major objectives educate voters about what the european parliament does and emphasize the importance of their boat a member of austria's parliament on smart cards is heading the campaign means he can always been here or in this one and once they know what the parliament is all about. they will be preparing to take part in the election because they can be sure that their vote will have an effect. all we need is a high turnout because it makes us stronger as members of parliament since there is a connection between information communication and participation. we have to do what we can to reduce the deficit of information the distortion of reality lots of people take guided tours of the european parliament every year some say they will vote in the next election. others say they won't. davis said that aside i am not going to vote because for five years i haven't voted not even for national elections because i'm convinced it has absolutely no impact and for the european election is even worse because we have the impression of
also expressed a willingness to sign in a governmental or even on cooperation in the field of education standardization in veterinary medicine. expo two thousand seventeen is proof of the fact that colin treats context and as a leading country. i want to remind you that context and was elected as one of my priority countries poland expo two thousand seventeen on one hand crowns longstanding cooperation with context and in support of organizing the exposition on the other hand creates an opportunity to display the polish economy accomplishments. it is some kind of a springboard for for the moment. it was cute combining your chest. most companies were invited to produce green expo two thousand senate seat in the field of construction the new technologies. i think you'll be very interesting yesterday i think christian genders purchasing ski and all polish people for their support of context and expo bit. a trip of a video. if it's just the way this post and i was up against cork they did it spoke to the stomach of a local salon or his first meeting of an international organization to aboli
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3